The English Lecturers of KMTK

The English Lecturers of KMTK

Monday, 21 March 2011

Team Building Course -KMTK 2010

Here are a few snapshots of the one and only Team Building Course for all staffs of KMTK at Sandy Beach Resort, Langkawi. Started from 25 November till 27 November 2010, the three-day course actually had given us (if not entirely all) the best moments of our lives.We get to know each other better in term of friendships and commitment. We achieved a sense of belonging and team building among us and we left something behind - selfishness. Maybe just for a short while but whatever it was,we do achieved something and deep down inside, I do hope that the sense of togetherness will remain in the hearts of all.
The lecturers and staffs in 'our ferry'.
3 of the English lecturers
At the jetty after the shopping spree-heading back actually
On the way to Langkawi - the ladies' side of the ferry.

Posing after the second last slot- night time

The two good friends

Cant wait to go back.

Shopping done, now waiting for the time to board.

The guys' side of the ferry.

Nothing but smiles

Cant wait to go back actually.

Speaking Time

These are my students from LCT and LMT tutoriol classes (sem 1 2010/2011). For the Muet Paper, they have to do some presentations on the 4 skills which are Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. In order for them to be able to get what the lecturer requests from them, they will have to present on topics assigned. They have to realize that they are no more in school level where everything will be spoon-feed by the teachers. Here in Matriculation College, research and self- inquiry are two most important skills which they have to aquire to help preparing themselves for varsity level.

Presentation time for the students is the most unfavourable moments as that will test their public speaking skill and confidence level. Grammar goes haywire and sentences jumbled-up here and there but those are the reality we as the lecturers here have to face. Having students who scored excellently in other core subjects but unable to present themselves well in English is a heartfell  situation actually.

PPSMI Courses at KMTK (2010/2011)

Madam Khalipah Mastura - the PPSMI trainer

Mr Azlan as the facilitator

Some of the lecturers

The ladies

The trainer and facilitators distributing handouts to the participants

UPS 2 Coordination Meeting - 13th January 2011 (Thursday)

Seriously jotting details

So engrossed in discussion

What's up, sir?

The Head of English Unit
Briefing on the coordination procedure