The English Lecturers of KMTK

The English Lecturers of KMTK

Monday, 21 March 2011

Team Building Course -KMTK 2010

Here are a few snapshots of the one and only Team Building Course for all staffs of KMTK at Sandy Beach Resort, Langkawi. Started from 25 November till 27 November 2010, the three-day course actually had given us (if not entirely all) the best moments of our lives.We get to know each other better in term of friendships and commitment. We achieved a sense of belonging and team building among us and we left something behind - selfishness. Maybe just for a short while but whatever it was,we do achieved something and deep down inside, I do hope that the sense of togetherness will remain in the hearts of all.
The lecturers and staffs in 'our ferry'.
3 of the English lecturers
At the jetty after the shopping spree-heading back actually
On the way to Langkawi - the ladies' side of the ferry.

Posing after the second last slot- night time

The two good friends

Cant wait to go back.

Shopping done, now waiting for the time to board.

The guys' side of the ferry.

Nothing but smiles

Cant wait to go back actually.

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