The English Lecturers of KMTK

The English Lecturers of KMTK

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

LMT6 (2010/2011)

LMT6 (2010/2011)

LCT6 (2010/2011)

LCT6 (2010/2011)

Action Research Course - 12/02/2011

English Night-03/02/2011

These lady and gentlemen are the judges for our English Night preliminary round.
Thank you to Mr Fizaril Amzari, Mr Tarmizi nad Madam Fairuzah for being there for us.

Your commitment are highly appreciated and deeply valued

The English lecturers with their kids.

The emcees who have done their job excellently.
Well done, girls!

Pose for the blog

Thank you to Mr Azlan and Mr Hasbullah for being there as well

Musical Sketch

Zorro and his beloved sweetheart.

Tn Haji Fuad in action.

The bewithced princesses

Another scene of the musical sketch