The English Lecturers of KMTK

The English Lecturers of KMTK

Saturday, 26 March 2011

English Unit Potluck 2

 Mouth-watering, juicy watermelon.

This time, kampung-style.

What more can you expect ?

Pumpkin dish-yummy!

Salted fish curry- goes well with the sambal belacan

Air Asam

Sambal Belacan ,of course

Papaya as ulam

Salted fried fish.

Steamed fish

Pumpkin Pengat as dessert

Guests during English Unit 2nd potluck

The English Unit second potluck turned out to be greater event than what we expected as the Director himself joined in the festive.Thanks for the honour, Tuan Haji.
So sorry for the inproper way of serving as we didnt expect  'the big shot' to be there as well. Anyhow we were so grateful for the visit.Thank you,Sir !

The other guests

The ladies having great time as well.

Clearing time


Watchadoin', bro?